The Art of Tactful Self-Promotion at Work


Tactful self-promotion is an extraordinarily useful – even crucial – career and life competency, relevant at any stage of a career.

This book is for anyone who wants to increase their visibility, unlock opportunities, and get more rewards and recognition in their careers. This book is for you if you are:

  • New to your career
  • Striving to establish a reputation
  • In a new job, eager to make a mark
  • Feeling plateaued or stuck
  • In a job search
  • Employed but seeking a new position
  • Freelancing or pursuing contract work
  • Starting your own business
  • Building a consulting practice

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What People Are Saying

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Learn More About Richard and Nancy

Richard Dodson

Career Strategist

Through his writing, speaking and consulting, Richard empowers careerists and entrepreneurs to raise their visibility, unlock opportunities, and earn more recognition and reward. After years as a VP with Lee Hecht Harrison, where he coached more than 1000 clients through tough career challenges, he recently launched Artisan Digital, an agency focused on digital publishing, e-commerce and launching experts into the digital space to increase their impact and income. Richard’s career began at age 14 with his first paying job as…a magician!

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Nancy Burke

Career Strategist

Nancy spent the last two decades helping people find their best places in the work world. She grew up in Human Resources roles at Pillsbury, USBank and Jostens followed by an SVP role with Lee Hecht Harrison, a leading global career services firm where she led the Twin Cities career transition practice for years. Now, Nancy provides coaching through her company, FuturePerfect, and is also a founder and principal of Burke&Penn, a business that helps people 50+ plan their futures in life and work. Nancy also has a passion for fireworks!

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How can this help you?

In today’s world, we can’t expect anyone to take care of us, so we must learn to take care of ourselves. Even those who hate the idea of self promotion must develop strategies for getting the visibility and recognition we deserve. If we don’t our careers may become stagnant. Our jobs may even be at risk. No matter how fabulous our performance may be, if our value is not noticed by others, then opportunities pass us by and those who’ve made sure their worth is recognized are rewarded with promotions, interesting assignments enhanced flexibility and increased protection against layoffs.”

Power Your Career: The Art of Tactful Self Promotion at Work equips employees, job seekers, organizational leaders and entrepreneurs and free lancers with practical and powerful strategies for promoting their interests, while maintaining their self respect. If you’re looking to get ahead, this book may help.

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Richard Dodson and Nancy Burke are available to speak at conferences and other events. They can speak on a variety of topics related to self-promotion and career success, and they can tailor the content to your group.


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