Richard Dodson and Nancy Burke, seasoned presenters, are available to make presentations to groups. We can present on the topics below, and can tailor the content to your group. Presentations range from 45 to 60 minutes.


The Art of Tactful Self-Promotion: How to get the recognition you deserve”

An overview of the framework for Tactful Self-Promotion, including Positioning Yourself, Expanding Key Relationships, and constructively Expanding Visibility. Presentation can include brief exercises on creating your “brand,” and getting a start on building the network.


Ignite Your Network: Make it Work for You While You Give to Others”

Reframing networking as “research” rather than “sales,” this lively presentation gives a detailed look at how to go about building a network in a way that may push people out of their comfort zone, but fits with their style and values. Focus is on giving more than getting, and on building and appreciating relaitonships.


Working a Room Doesn’t Have to Be Work!”

Something almost everyone finds challenging (in fact, despises) is entering a room full of people that they don’t know. This presentation focuses on how to make all meetings and conferences effective, and works on skills and confidence for meeting strangers. Perfect for preceding a cocktail party or mixer as part of a larger conference.


Be Not Afraid: You Can Use LinkedIn and Social Media to boost Your Career”

Few of us are going to Tweet or Blog or use Instagram – however, there are simple, powerful tools for building your brand on line. Basics of social media are something that everyone who wants to progress in their field ought to know. This will provide some ways to leverage LinkedIn better than most of the population, and open up a few more avenues in social media for everyone.


Tactful Self-Promotion for Job Seekers”

Shorten the job hunt, and make it less stressful by mastering a few simple skills: creating an effective positioning statement, getting a fast start on building a network, and using the network effectively. Creative ways to gain visibility in the marketplace or your profession can be unique tools for a job hunter.


Presentations include audience involvement/participation and humor.


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Richard Dodson and Nancy Burke are available to speak at conferences and other events. They can speak on a variety of topics related to self-promotion and career success, and they can tailor the content to your group.


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