Richard Bolles

– author What Color is Your Parachute?

“Richard and Nancy’s book speaks to an all too common problem in today’s job market: the need to ‘blow your own horn’. Here, at last, is a book that deals with that problem head on and offers practical solutions. I highly recommend it!”

What People Are Saying About the Book

“A convincing case for a big idea: self-promotion is a fundamental life skill today. I recommend Power Your Career highly to anyone who works in the twenty-first century.”

Richard Leider
author, The Power of Purpose, Repacking Your Bags, Life Reimagined, and Work Reimagined 

Power Your Career has something for everyone, from early-stage careerists to later-stage life planners. Full of wisdom, it teaches one of life’s most difficult yet important skills – talking positively about oneself. I wish I had this book thirty years ago! Don’t wait – your work, your career, and your life depend upon the ability to relate professionally with others – read this book!”

Marcia Ballinger
author, The 20-Minute Networking Meeting

“Richard Dodson and Nancy Burke have combined forces to write a thoughtful, practical book for managing a career through all the stages of a work life.”

Chris Farrell
author, Unretirement

“I know that we would see many more people ready for the promotions they are seeking if they read and applied the ideas in this book. Every organization should be teaching these principles and skills to their employees at all levels.”

Christine Webster Moore
SVP, Human Resources

“In your hands you hold the keys to your future success. Never before has the need for practical and proven-to-work strategies and ideas been greater. If you want to move up in your career or develop your book of business, keep Power Your Career within reach and refer to it often. You will be glad you did!”

Mark LeBlanc
author, Never Be the Same and Growing Your Business!

“This book was game changing for me, if not life changing. It’s practical, inspiring, and energizing. Anyone in any field at any career stage needs this book!”

Angela Weichmann
A person who read the book!

Power Your Career should be required reading for every college senior or graduate student who wants to ‘make it’ in the world of work. As a career coach, I can say the skills of tactful self-promotion are essential to virtually every client I have ever worked with.”

Margie Unger Dirks
CCMC, certified career management coach/trainer

“Anyone interested in advancing their career or in being a more engaged person at work would benefit from reading this book! Even if you are not looking to advance greatly in your organization, the tips are fabulous for helping you be a better, more focused, worker.”

Christine Carnicom
healthcare brand leader

“Knowing, and being able to communicate one’s own unique value proposition, is key to moving one’s career forward. But how do we do that without turning off the very people we need

to influence? How can we do it without being untrue to our own personal style? Richard Dodson and Nancy Burke have created an accessible, practical book that will help readers answer

those questions in a way that fits for them. This book is a must for every high school and college career center and every alumni resource office.”

Carol Kaemmerer
executive branding coach and author, LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive

“Unlike many leadership books and seminars, Power Your Career provides practical, useful ideas and very specific ways to apply them. I understand networking in a whole new, positive way after reading suggestions on how to connect with other people authentically. If you apply the lessons in this book, you will be a more effective leader and employee.”

Susan Reinhart
chemist and program manager

“Having coached hundreds of professionals in some facet of career transition, I can say that consistent and effective career management is essential. Power Your Career is a comprehensive and effective guide to getting, and staying ahead at work. A must-read!”

Julie Scheidler
career coach

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